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Dental Emergencies

If you require urgent dental care, don’t wait — call Citracado Dental Group in Escondido, CA! We are here to provide the expedited, exceptional dental care you deserve. We understand that experiencing a dental emergency can be incredibly troublesome and uncomfortable; that’s why our team is prepared to provide the compassionate, high level of care you deserve. Our office is open 6 days a week to treat dental emergencies in a timely manner.
Dentist & Orthodontist in Escondido, CA

Are You Dealing with Any of the Following Dental Emergencies?

If so, contact Citracado Dental Group!

  • Tooth or jaw pain
  • Swelling of the mouth or face
  • Any kind of mouth trauma
  • Broken, fractured, or sharp teeth that are damaging the tongue or cheek
  • Broken dentures or other prosthetics
  • Cosmetic concerns (broken or damaged front tooth)

What To Do

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and often come as a surprise. Whether you’re dealing with a cracked tooth or a severe toothache, the last thing you want to do is wait for an appointment. That’s why we offer emergency dental services at our office. We understand that dental problems can’t always wait, and we’re here to help. Our experienced team will work quickly to assess your situation and provide the treatment you need.

If you’re requesting treatment during our normal weekday operating hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM), call the office and request an urgent appointment. Our dental team is here to help patients outside of regular day too — when calling the after hours office, you will receive instructions for how to get in touch with us so we can alleviate your concerns and provide peace of mind!

Are you experiencing a dental emergency?


What dental emergencies do you typically treat?

Common problems our office often encounters include pain, swelling, broken teeth, trauma, and denture repairs.

Are dentists on-call after hours?

We have a dentist who is on-call 24/7. Patients can contact the main office line 760-489-5545 and if the emergency is taking place outside of outside hours, they have the option to be connected with the dentist who is currently on-call.

What should I do if the emergency has occurred after hours?

Depending on the severity of the concern, we are available to see patients after hours for true emergencies. An injury, like tooth trauma (I.E. getting a tooth knocked out), is a situation where urgent treatment is required. However, in many cases, contacting us the following morning is the best option. We can typically see patients within the day.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

We accept walk-in appointments, but encourage patients to call ahead to avoid wait times.

When should a patient go straight to the hospital?

If patients have swelling that is causing physical impairment (affecting vision, breathing, etc), or if they are experiencing systemic signs of infection (chills, fever, feeling faint or fatigued), or if they are experiencing other life-threatening emergencies, they should call 911 or go to a hospital.
If you require urgent dental care, call our office now 760.489.5545.







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