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Restorative dental work such as traditional crowns can be a drawn-out process, requiring weeks and months of preparation before the patient sees the final result.

This delay can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort.

New techniques and computer-assisted dentistry, however, allows us to speed things up.

Outdated methods make it necessary to divide restorative dental work into several processes over a long period of time. With CEREC crown technology, that process is dramatically consolidated.

Whether you need ceramic crowns or another type, we are pleased to inform you that you no longer have to wait weeks or months with same-day crowns.

CEREC is an acronym for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic.” Just as the name suggests, this procedure is cost-effective and comparable to traditional, lab-made dental devices. CEREC technology is transforming dentistry because it’s proving effective techniques based on industry-leading technologies don’t need to be financially out of reach.

This advancement is critical to the health of our patients, especially those with more complex restorative dental needs. They too can enjoy the peace of mind of a quick turnaround. We are mindful of our patients’ time and are proud to save them unnecessary dental visits.  

In addition, patients will take digital impressions, which are much more efficient and comfortable.

Additionally, this method’s success rate is high. CEREC technology will design crowns using our patients’ exact measurements for a good and long-lasting fit, every time.

If you want to work with a dental group that prioritize new technology and patient choice, we hope you put your trust in us.