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Patients in need of tooth restoration treatment can have a porcelain crown created for them rather quickly.

Using CEREC technology, dentists process porcelain crowns with a 3D milling machine in-office on the day of the appointment. In the past, outside dental lab work extended the wait time for customized crowns to weeks. Traditional crowns cannot keep up with all the advantages of CEREC.

The revolutionary CEREC technology uses digital imaging of the tooth to expedite the process of designing and creating a dental crown. The software generates a design for a customized porcelain crown that’s available and created in one appointment.

Leap forward in dental imaging technology

Advanced cone beam CT scanner technology is a leap forward in how your dentist sees inside the mouth. As a result, they can process enhanced 3D imaging of the teeth, mouth and bone in ways they never have before for precise measurements for implants, evaluations for various dental procedures and diagnosis of cracks and fractures.

The power of this in-depth imaging means CEREC crowns are more efficient and technologically forward. Today, they are the preferred course of treatment for tooth restoration.

Same-day CEREC crowns are made with computer-aided manufacturing for a customized fit, overall better bite and excellent appearance and aesthetics.

What to expect

On the day of the appointment, the dentist will create a digital impression of the patient’s mouth. The process moves quickly and isn’t known to cause discomfort common in traditional procedures.

After digital processing and evaluation, a milling unit creates the crown, which is colorized and glazed so it fits right in with the other teeth. To complete the process, the dentist will bond the ceramic CEREC crown in place. The entire process can be completed in a matter of hours.

Compared to traditional crowns, patients who get CEREC ceramic crowns are pleased to report less post-procedure tooth sensitivity. As an added bonus, they can skip the uncomfortable process of having a traditional mouth impression made.

Many patients are surprised to learn that the costs for CEREC crowns are comparable with traditional options. Of course, dental insurance can help offset some of the costs based on the patient’s current policy.

Unlike traditional crown appliances, CEREC crowns are not made of metal, like gold or stainless steel. While metal dental appliances can be well fitted inside the mouth, their appearance can be prominent in some cases. On the other hand, CEREC crowns are made with ceramic or resin for a far more aesthetically forgiving material that is customized to match the appearance of the patient’s teeth.

Patients can expect their CEREC crown to last between 10 and 15 years, perhaps more with the right care. The longevity of the crown will be extended with regular oral hygiene and visits to the dental office.

Better results, better outcomes

As early adopters of this cutting-edge technology, we believe that all patients should have access to services and procedures that are timesaving, convenient, comfortable and most of all, deliver beautiful results.

Technology has come a long way, redefining what quality care looks like. Thanks to the CEREC advantage, patients can always stay ahead of the curve and experience a start-to-finish dental restoration procedure in a matter of hours. With these advancements in dental care, patients can feel as confident as ever about their chosen course of treatment and the prospects of excellent overall oral health.

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