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With the holidays approaching, there’s extra reason to smile.

The season of giving and the prospect of a new year lifts spirits and is a good reminder for what has been and what’s to come.

As you take a moment to express gratitude and optimism, don’t forget to think about your oral health too. The following gift ideas are the perfect stocking stuffers this season and promote the oral health of the entire family — and that’s something to truly be thankful for.

Electric toothbrush
Dentists agree that they can also deliver better cleaning than an old school toothbrush and they’re also more comfortable to use. We see that patients who switch to electric toothbrushes generally are able to do a better job with their oral homecare.

There are many brands and styles of electric toothbrushes to fit a range of budgets. Citracado Dental has Oral-B electric toothbrushes available- ask us for more info! Smartphone-friendly toothbrushes can track every session so you know how long you’re brushing and will even tell you if you missed certain areas. With the assistance of an electric toothbrush, you can improve overall oral and gum health with much less effort.

Teeth-whitening kit
In just a few hours, a teeth-whitening kit will dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth. It’s that easy. No wonder teeth whitening is among the top cosmetic procedures in the United States.  

We generally recommend the use of custom teeth-whitening trays for best results and the least amount of side effects.

Toothbrush sanitizer
With regular use, a toothbrush commonly will collect bacteria and/or toothpaste debris in the bristles.  Although the mouth has naturally occurring bacteria, toothbrush sanitizers are one way to reduce the overall amount of bacteria introduced to the area.

A mouthguard can significantly reduce orofacial injuries during physical sports, and can be the perfect size for an extra stocking surprise. So help your family protect their teeth as they hit the field.

Sugar-free gum
As an alternative, sugar-free gum is a tasty treat that can also help clean the teeth and mouth. Sugarless gum can also increase the production of saliva, which can have a number of health benefits. A few packs will also fit snuggly inside a stocking.

Dental travel kit
A travel-sized kit can be a lifesaver when on the road. It’s not always easy to find a suitable toothbrush while traveling. You can include a nice plastic case or bag that can be reused for multiple trips and outings.